Free Fire Advance Server APK Download (Activation Code)

Garena has been giving information on the free fire advance server OB29, including size, features, and release date. Many expect and anticipate this advanced free-fire server, and all updates will be released shortly.

There was an official announcement much earlier on how access to the server will be given, like they will open the registrations and then release the free fire advanced OB29 APK server on their official website. Once after doing that, the gamers will be able to access it only after entering a unique activation code; as this is done, you are all set to use FF advanced server with updated features, and also, Garena is all set to receive any updates from the user/ player. 

The release date for OB29 was set on July 21; to access this from this date, registered users can start using it by uploading the activation code.

To download FF advanced server, the user/gamer has to visit their Facebook account. Then after logging into the free fire advanced server on the website, there will be an APK download option by which you can download the server.

As it is before launch, not much info is given on the size of the server, but as per some reliable sources, the measure would approximately be 700MB, which may require 1GB of free space on Android OS. This will ensure a smooth installation. If you see “parsing the package problem,” do the reinstallation process again. 

The advanced server may now have a character limit of three. This will continue to be the case even on the developed server; only the more advanced/next upgrade will change this. This leak information is currently accessible to us.

NameFree fire advanced server
Game nameGarena free fire
Release onJanuary 30, 2022
Last dateOctober 02, 2023
Activation codeFree Fire Redeem Code

Another exciting thing is that the player can use the weapon/armor while driving the four-wheelers; MK-14arm is also a part of the OB 29 update. These features will surely excite and up the player’s gaming experience.

All the above leak information is from confirmed sources with good prediction skills, so rest assured, enjoy the forecast and the game.

Clear Cut Information for The Current Users and Beginners Alike

As per the free fire advanced server updates on their official website, the server opening timeline has been defined; the opening slot for the server is 11:18, and the server closing slot is 11:29 

Free fire advanced servers is a program where users can access the free fire redeem code’s features that have not yet been released.

Players have the privilege and onus of reporting any bugs on the free fire advanced server and giving their opinions and inputs on the new advanced free fire server. 

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Then finally, use the activation code to log into the advanced server. A limited number of regulations have been released, so registrations must be soon to receive this activation code.

Now that all the info on the free fire advanced server has been out, all the Garena free fire advanced fans can enjoy new skins, weapons, characters, events, etc., by downloading the OB20 FF advanced server.

Garena free fire has ensured that all the players thoroughly enjoy the game with a regular and sumptuous supply of diamonds and rewards. Before the global release, it creates the advanced server and releases the features. The users get the new features to use, and Garena, in turn, gets to know if there are any bugs through the players. 

All the payers are excited about the new offing, like new guns, pets, characters, and ability balances. With all this, the game is more exciting and enjoyable. 

Some of The Key Features of The OB29 Free Fire Advanced Server are

  1. The advanced accessible server is exclusive and has limited users; all these complete users have access to some exciting new features that are not accessible to non-registered users. Even more, some parts are never released to the public at a later stage. 
  2. You can interact with developers and give them feedback on the FF advanced server and, in turn, gain diamonds and other rewards. 
  3. Only limited codes for activation are available, so registrations have to be soon.
  4. Only the players with active activation codes can use this FF advanced server.
  5. This can be installed on any Android smartphone, and the ios version will be available soon. 

Free Fire Advanced Server, Registration, and Login Procedure 

Initially, the APK file has to be obtained, which is available on the free fire advanced official website; as said earlier, registration is possible only when you have the activation code from FF advanced server website.

  1. First, the user must visit the FF advanced server’s official website,
Free Fire Advanced Server
  1. The next thing you do is to log into your Facebook account present in the FF advanced server. 
  2. Once logged in to Facebook, use the link and log in to the ff advanced server download page.
  3. Where you will be asked to fill in the details like complete name, email address, and phone number

Soon after e entering these details, you will see a pop-up of “join now,” then go ahead and click the pre-register link to get the pre-registration process done on ff advanced server.

How to Get the Free Fire Advanced Server Activation Code 

The process of using the advanced server will not work until there are any activation codes, so to get these codes, you may visit their official website or any of the new update sites with the activation codes for the players. 

To get the OB29 advanced server from anywhere other than the official website, many gaming websites with updated FF redeem codes are available.

Free Fire Server Advance APK Download 

You may follow the process below step-by-step to Free Fire Server Advance APK Download.

Free Fire Advance Server Apk download
  • Firstly, go to the official website of the FF advanced server, and log in to your Facebook account, just as you did for the registration process.
  • Once you log in, you will see the “Download APK” option in your account.
  • Before downloading the option “Download APK,” the player must ensure that they have enabled the settings to allow “install from an unknown source,” which will appear as an option. This is for any typical android setting of your phone.
  • Now go back to the “join now” and click the install button
  • Once after this, when you open the OB29 FF advanced server, you will be asked for the FF advanced server activation code 
  • As soon as you enter the activation code, you are ready to experience all the features of the FF advanced server 

OB 31 Free Fire Advance Server 

As written in an earlier post to OB29 ff Advanced server, There is another advanced version of Free fire, which is OB31; this server also serves the same purpose. It was launched as a Free fire advance server before the game’s launch; by this, the player has the exclusive advantage of experiencing the first-hand features of the game. In return, the developers have the chance to know about the bugs and glitches of the game. This way, they can make the final version without any bugs, and the game will be smooth.

  • The registration process for the OB31 is also similar to OB29; the APK file size is 607 MB; this APK file size is different from OB29. 
  • As we have been talking about the activation code all this time, many players/users had a question about the VPN code; well, answer this VPN code, and both are the same. 
  • The registration, login, and activation for the OB31 are also entirely free as OB29. 
  • Just like OB29 FF advanced server, ob 31 FF advanced server also has opening and closing times for the server, which a, re November 18, 2021, for opening the server and November 25, 2021, the closing date of the server.
  • It is only during this phase that the players can access the guts. Not every person who Regis gets the activation code, and it is solely a prot based on early registration. Also, after registration, sometimes, the activation codes are guaranteed. 
  • With so much discussion on the Garena Free Fire, it is a top-rated game with a massive fan base, numbers exceeding millions worldwide.

Final words

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