E Aadhar Card Download Online PDF With Print e-Aadhar

The Indian government has launched an E aadhar card for citizens to access easily anytime they need it. E aadhar card is an electronic card similar to your identity card. People make E aadhar cards for themselves because more quickly, you can use this card whenever you need it. It is 100% safe and secure. Download the pdf of E aadhar card 2023 on the official website at uidai.gov.in. The Indian government issues the E aadhar card to Indian citizens. 

E Aadhar Card Download Online

The download process for E aadhar card is so simple. Go to the above-said link and download the E aadhar card online 2022. Keep this card for any trouble it is just more than your identity card. Visit anywhere with this card just by entering this into an electronic device, it is a thoughtful card to give you access by putting this to any electronic identity recognizer device. For example, if you visit a five-star hotel you don’t need to show your card to them. The era has changed to a digital era. Just scan your E aadhar card and open the scanner door for you.

So the advantage of keeping this card cannot be denied. It is a virtual identity card issued by (UIDAI) The Unique Identification Authority of India. Virtual identity cards have become a part of our daily life. Whenever we go they ask us to show identity cards. Mostly in today’s world, people don’t ask us for ID cards although robotic access requires entering anywhere.

Check E Aadhar Card Status Online

Have you applied for the E aadhar card Status online or submitted an application for the E-Card issuance and want to check the status online through https://uidai.gov.in/. by clicking on the given above are all set to check about your application. A complete profile can be seen there if your application is still pending. Online check status 2022 is as easy as given above. So if you want to check your aadhar card status online follow the above-mentioned steps.

Check E Aadhar Card Status Online

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UIDAI Aadhaar Card Download Online PDF 2023

Card NameE Aadhar Card
Aadhaar Launched byUIDAI
FeaturesPassword-protected and easily accessed
Aadhaar Login PasswordYour name first four letters, along with your birth year (GOPA1998)
Download E Aadhaar Card PDF OnlineUsing the enrollment number or a mobile number
Post Updated Date30 October 2022
Copy Type E AadhaarSoft Copy
How to Download Aadhar Card?myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in
Verify Aadhaar CardMobile Number

E Aadhar Card PDF Download Link 2023

E Aadhar Card PDF Download Linkhttps://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
Aadhaar Status Check OnlineClick here
Order Aadhaar PVC CardClick here
Check Status Aadhar PVC CardClick here
Get MyAadhaar/Retrieve Unique Identification Authority of IndiaClick here
Check the Location of the Enrollment CenterClick here

What are the benefits of an E aadhar card?

There are many benefits of E aadhar card, it is just like smart to have access to any electronic identity card recognizer. We are entitled few of the benefits below.

  • Easy to use. 
  • Safe and secured.
  • You get subsidies through this E aadhar card.
  • It works as proof of doing activities
  • And much more

How to Download E Aadhar Card?

If you still don’t know how to download the E aadhar card online, then follow the below simple steps to see how you can download the card online.

  1. To download the e aadhar card online, go to the application’s official website at https://uidai.gov.in/.
  2. Once the login process is finished, press the download aadhar card button to download the aadhar card.
  3. Select the option to which you want to download the E aadhar card.
  4. Put all the details before downloading the card.
  5. Write down your security code and get OTP, once done you will receive OTP on your number Insert the number to proceed with the download ahead.
  6. Once you insert your OTP, you just need to download and print your E Aadhar card.

Keeping an eye on every detail of a specific aspect but still, people keep asking questions that might not be covered in the whole article, we appreciate and encourage our audience to ask questions you didn’t understand. Therefore, we collected some of the questions the audience asked that might also arise in your mind. Check them out below to know more and clear your doubt about the E aadhar card.

FAQs of E Aadhar Card

How can we insert an E aadhar card?

To put a valid password, use the first four capital letters of your name and your Birth year (YYYY).

What is the difference between an E Aadhar card and an Aadhar card?

Aadhar card is a unique identity card although E aadhar card is a duplicate digitally hosted card downloaded as a pdf from its official website. 

Can I open a bank account with my E aadhar card number?

Yes, you can open your bank account by using your E aadhar card number.

What you can change on your E Aadhar card later on?

You can change your name, address, gender, and birthdate through the update Aadhar online service.

How to Apply for an E Aadhar Card?

There are a few steps for you to apply for an E aadhar card online.

  • First, prepare all required documents such as relationship proof, address proof, identity proof, and date of birth.
  • After collecting your data then visit the official website of https://uiadia.go.in. then download the enrollment using the link.
  • Book an online appointment from your nearest center, on the day of the appointment ready your documents by checking your documents they approve documents. Then they will need your biometrics, thumbs, fingerprints, and an iris scan.
  • You will get an acknowledgment receipt. There will be 14 numbers of numeric codes, and an OTP will also be sent to your registered number when you enter your enrollment.
  • You can also check your status number by entering your enrollment number and following the earlier steps to download your E aadhar card.


With the above information, you got to know about a unique card, that’s digitally listed and can be used anywhere. It is a tremendous digital smart card that is needed everywhere in this digital era, and you can also do the legal work done by this card that you can do with your Aadhar card. Therefore, it also acts in place of your Aadhar card if you have not yet created your E aadhar card. We recommend you go with the said process in this article and make your E aadhar card today.!

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