PM Pediatrics Health Program Provides Free Pediatric Care

Last month, launched PM Pediatrics National Health Program provided free medical care to poor children in India. The program covers all children between 0 and 18 years of age who are below the poverty line and have no income to receive higher-quality medical care and treatment. Several conditions qualify a person to get these benefits under this program, some of which include low or no income or being from families determined as needy by the Social Welfare Department of the province where they live.

PM Pediatrics Health Program

PM Pediatrics Launches Nationwide Free Medicines For Children Scheme

In a bid to provide better medical facilities and health services to the underprivileged children of the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the pm pediatrics National Child Health Program on Monday. The scheme will cover all children between 0 and 18 years and provide free medical care. This is a significant step towards achieving the Health For All goal by 2020. With this launch, PM Modi has reiterated his commitment to the welfare of children and their right to good health.

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He also pledged to create a healthy India for future generations. Under the program, if poor children fall ill and need hospitalization, they can get treatment from any government or private hospital in India without paying anything. They will be provided medication for ten days at Rs 20 per day, irrespective of whether they are admitted.

Under the New Scheme, Almost All Drugs Will be made Available at No Cost

In this scheme, medicines and vaccines will be provided free of cost for those living below the poverty line. They will also offer medical services through diagnosis, consultations, surgeries, and other treatments. The government aims to cover almost all essential drugs under this scheme.

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Low-income people can use these facilities by registering themselves at government hospitals or rural health centers. The registration will be done through online mechanisms, telephone, and healthcare access points. The scheme will be implemented in all States and Union Territories under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

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According to sources, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has requested that Prime Minister Narendra Modi include four diseases: leukemia, thalassemia, hemophilia, and multiple sclerosis, under the PM’s national health protection scheme.

More than 5 Lakh Registered Establishments Will be Able to Sell Medicine

To make essential medicines more affordable for low-income people, the government has launched a scheme under which over 5 lakh registered establishments can sell them at reasonable prices. The system will cover all children between 0 and 18 and will be implemented through the National Child Health Program. This is a much-needed step, as many low-income families cannot afford even the most essential medicines for their children. With this scheme in place, they will finally be able to get the medical care they deserve.

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This move will also help small retailers by allowing them to stock up on an array of drugs without worrying about profit margins or shelf life issues. They can now offer medicines to people who cannot afford anything else and continue selling other products. Finally, it is believed that giving access to low-cost drugs may decrease fatalities due to diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, etc., affecting large parts of India.

Under This Schemes, Additional Benefits for Women and Children include

  1. Women and children below the poverty line will receive free medical treatment.
  2. They will also receive cash assistance for their daily needs.
  3. This scheme will help educate poor children with free books and uniforms.
  4. This scheme will monitor pregnant women and lactating mothers’ health.
  5. They will also be given free vaccinations against life-threatening diseases such as polio and tetanus.
  6. Children suffering from malnutrition will be provided with nutritious food items at subsidized rates.
  7. This scheme will also create awareness about hygiene and sanitation among the people living in rural areas. 8. Poor, unemployed mothers will be given loans to start small businesses.
  8. Pregnant and lactating mothers will also get postnatal counseling and training on family planning methods, including spacing out pregnancies, so they can continue childbearing without putting themselves or their children’s lives at risk due to inadequate nutrition or healthcare.
  9. A total of 22 crore families have been enrolled under this scheme so far, with 50 lakh families joining monthly.

Hire a Pediatrician

Hiring a pediatrician with experience and knowledge in the field is essential to provide your child with the best medical care possible. Furthermore, a pediatrician can also offer your family guidance on health and wellness. Dr. Sarah is a board-certified PM Pediatrics Anywhere who has practiced for over ten years.

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She has seen every type of patient, from newborns to teenagers, with or without disabilities. She strives to give each patient personalized attention and make them comfortable using their terminology when communicating.

PM Pediatrics FAQs

The program covers all children between 0 and 18 years of age. This program aims to provide higher medical services to poor children free of cost. What will my child receive under the program? Your child will receive a comprehensive health assessment, immunizations, and specialist access as needed.

What should I do if I have any questions about the PM Pediatrics National Child Health Program?

Call our office at 555-555-5555 ext 8888. We can answer your questions and schedule an appointment if you qualify for the program.

Is there a cost for participating in the program?

No. All children enrolled in the national child health program are eligible for these benefits without paying any costs or fees.

How does this compare with other countries’ healthcare programs?

Many different types of government-sponsored healthcare programs differ from country to country but typically cover fewer people than what is covered by our national child health program (though some do cover adults too).


In conclusion, the PM Pediatrics Anywhere National Health Program is a great way to get free medical care for your children if you are low-income. The program covers children between 0 and 18, so it is worth looking into if you have young children. This program aims to provide higher medical services to poor children free of cost, so it is worth taking advantage of if you qualify.!

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