Shillong Teer Result

Shillong Teer Result Today 20, 2022 (Second Round)

The government of Meghalaya has launched a lottery program where participants can bet on a number. They later checked to see if they won by doing that. All Shillong teer results are announced here on a site we put the link below this article where you can check the Shillong teer result. Check the Shillong teer result today here. It is your fortune that you bet on the players who may win daily, there are many players who win daily Try a bet on a specific player first to see the player’s performance. 

Shillong Teer Result Today

Only registered counters from Meghalaya can be used to play this game by locals. Details of this scheme, including the Shillong Teer Hit Number and result list, can be found in this content. If your bet number matches you can claim to go to your nearest counter for the prize.

The daily Shillong Teer results are announced between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM for round 1 as well as round 2 every day.  Check your result online here daily to know whether you won or not. In case the result is announced from the center of the city you can claim your prize from any location and from the seller you went to buy a ticket.

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The tree shilling result as of today and how to check your result in 2022 were covered above. Keeping an eye on a player that wins daily is actually needed before betting so that you can lose but win. Purchase a ticket for betting, then click the link below to view the Shillong teacher result for today.

Shillong Tree is a wonderful lottery game that is connected with archery sports. This game is also known as Thought Tim or Sat. 

Shillong TEER Result 02 October 2022

Shillong Teer Result Today
DateFirst RoundSecond Round
1st October 20224366
11 January 20229831
09 January 20229855
08 January 20225343
07 January 202231
05 January 20220152
04 January 20220326
02 January 20221550

Winner selection in Shillong Tree

Winners are selected by assuming how many arrows were shot in a whole day. There are two rounds in this game for both of them you can buy tickets from the teer betting center. Check the result on the above said time.

A Description of the Shillong Tree

It is a great game by doing the game you can earn up to 300 INR per day for shooting. The benefit of this game is that it can be enjoyed by anyone who has a love or passion for archery. They can earn money while having fun. But there is also a bad part of this game as it is a betting game, and betting is like an addiction. People get addicted once they play this game. They cannot quite the game again.

This is an easy game nothing much to do just watch and bet on numbers. Buying tickets and earning money from this game is easier. Taking part of this game’s purpose is to earn money that’s why most people take part in this game when they are in need of money. Each day hundreds of people bet on this game.

How to Bet on Shillong Teer?

As we mentioned above, there are two rounds in this game. Choose one. I mentioned a small detail about betting on this game above, so when placing a bet, especially if it’s your first time, check the number as well. If you are an expert at shooting arrows, however, you don’t even need to check the number because the best shooter in this game wins.

There are two ways to bet, one is to buy a ticket for a number, and the other is to bet on a player that you think wins daily and is the master of the game. Chances of your game increase when you put the money to the right person so always be careful when betting on a player. 

When you place a large bet, you can win a lot, but you also risk losing all of your money if you lose. To avoid this, never place a large bet, especially when playing a game of arrow archery, where bad luck can happen at any time.

Shillong Tree FAQs

Are Meghalaya and Shillong the same teer counter?

People search or always look for association with these two but in actual these two are the same teer counter.

How can we withdraw our prize?

After winning your prize you can claim your prize anywhere from the shillong teer registered counter, if it doesn’t exist in your area you can also bring your money online.

How do get common numbers of Shillong Teer?

These numbers are also known as Shillong teer target numbers. People assume these numbers to be lucky numbers. You can get this number from the Shillong teer previous result for that check the Shillong Teer result today to select a number from that.


This is an amazing betting game that everyone would love to play. If you are a new gamer who hasn’t tried this before, we recommend you play this awesome game once. Because it’s all about fun and intrigue, waiting for your chosen number itself piques your interest. Playing this can be a great source of income for you, especially if you hit the daily target and make a ton of money every day.

Meghalaya relies on Shillong teer wagers to cover all of their daily expenses and serve as a source of income. People are preferring this game when they are out of money because it is a shortcut to earning money. Therefore, they come to use the Shillong teer for various purposes and one of the main purposes is to earn money. 

If you are looking for a platform where you earn while enjoying your day, Shillong Teer is the platform where you cannot only enjoy but also can earn. Play this game to earn unlimited money from Shillong teer, if you didn’t play this game before then what are you waiting for? Go now and try this wonderful game that may also become an earning source. Share this with your friends for getting them to know about an exciting scheme where they can bet to earn and enjoy while doing this.!

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