With the quarter-finals concluded, FIFA World Cup 2022 is reaching its climax. Argentina, Croatia, France and Morocco are the four teams which

have advanced to the championship game's semifinals. The first country from Africa to qualify for the semifinals is Morocco.

For many teams, the event was an emotional roller coaster filled with surprises and twists. The Argentines recovered from their.

Saudi Arabia played in the first game of the group stage. The squad headed by Lionel Messi then defeated Mexico and Poland 2-0 to win.

enter the round of 16 with a bang. They faced Australia in the round of 16, and they won 2-1 to easily advance to the quarterfinals. 

After a draw game, the South American squad faced the Netherlands and prevailed 4-3 on penalties.

2-2. The semi-final matchup between Croatia and Argentina is officially determined.

Croatia, who finished second in the 2018 competition, has lived up to their reputation and demonstrated that their previous success wasn't a one.

They haven't lost a game thus far in the competition. Croatia was a group stage.