Brittney Griner, a US basketball player, was released on Thursday in exchange for a Russian arms dealer who had been convicted.

has brought up an old issue: Are prisoner exchanges more detrimental than beneficial?

In the midst of the joy over Griner's return, several detractors, including Congresspeople and federal law enforcme

It has been suggested that these deals merely incentivize foreign governments to target Americans in order to acquire influence over the Us

There is no clear proof to substantiate such claim, according to the families of those jailed overseas,

The US government should concentrate on discouraging and penalising nations that unlawfully detain or jail people 

After Griner's arrest in February and as families started to take action, the situation of American inmates .

increasing their PR efforts after realising that years of discreet diplomacy had not succeeded in bringing their loved ones back

The specifics of Griner's release show the difficult trade